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This is the one that started it all! Mr. Aaron's first album is a great introduction to the world of Mr. Aaron music. Start things right with the "La La La" song, and jam along to kid favorite "Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep!". Perfect for car rides, or living room jam sessions, this CD will keep you moving and grooving for months to come!

All My Friends Are Giants CD

Expected to Ship 12/1/23
  • 1. New Song (La La La!)

    2. All My Friends Are Giants

    3. Honk Honk

    4. Ali Baba

    5. Shape Sorter

    6. Duck Who Likes to Think

    7. I Gotta Dance!

    8. Chickadee and Chickadoo

    9. Elephant, Tiger, and Fish

    10 Sweep

    11. Camel, Camel, (Ali Baba Journeys On)

    12. Hey Oh!

    13. Dark and Stormy

    14. Kite