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Blast off with Mr. Aaron on this musical adventure through space! We gotta get to the moon in time for a big dance party, and our spaceship only runs on music, so we have some singing to do! Kids and grownups love to sing along to this third album of music from Mr. Aaron.

Intergalactic Music Spectacular CD

  • 1. La La La (In Space!)

    2. Party on the Moon

    3. Gravity Can't Hold Me Down

    4. On My Way

    5. Into the Unknown

    6. Just 'Cuz

    7. Shh!

    8. Upside Down

    9. Spaceship is Broken

    10. Spacewalk

    11. Shine, Shine, Moon So Bright

    12. Moon Hop

    13. Astronauts

    14. Circle, Circle

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