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This is a limited edition, personalized gift for that special kiddo in your life. Do you remember how thrilled you were the first time you had a way to listen to music on your own terms? Whether it was a Walkman, or a radio, there's nothing like having the music in your hands. Give that Mr. Aaron fan the gift of musical independance with this personalized Cassette Player and mixtape.


When I was little, I was given a tape of a special rocket-to-the-moon birthday song that had my name in it, and I thought that was the best thing that ever happened. I wore that tape out playing it over and over. I'm really excited to offer an option for you to add on a personalized version of the "La La La Song" with your kiddo's name in the song!


Each portable cassette player comes with a built-in speaker for easy listening, and a custom mixtape cassette made just by Mr. Aaron, featuring a fresh mix of favorite Mr. Aaron songs.


Each player has:

  • built in speaker 
  • headphone jack
  • built in microphone, so your aspiring musicians can record their own tapes too.
  • Batteries included so you can get listening right away!


These won't stay in stock for long, so get them while you can!



Mr. Aaron Mixtape Cassette Player

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